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NWTE, with our network of contacts and subcontractors, can customize our level of involvement on individual projects. We offer a variety of site planning services, including:

• Preparing land-use and building permit documents

• Technical Specification writing for the design and procurement of new tower structures

• Providing architectural and engineering* services prior to and during construction (*civil, electrical, mechanical, geotechnical, and RF)

• Construction project management

Project scopes range from supplying drawings for building permits to coordinating all consulting disciplines to produce bidding documents for raw land-use sites. Upon completion of each project we can also provide fully detailed as-built drawings to assure proper documentation of the finished product.

NWTE is involved in the development of various emergency radio communications facilities. Our projects include:

• Local transit

• E-911

• Police

• State patrols

• Fire and rescue agencies

• Federal government agencies such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and JPO/DOJ-IWN (Integrated Wireless Network).

These projects have promoted a wide variety of communications systems for law enforcement and protective personnel. They have also improved emergency systems reliability as well as dispatch and response times.

Some of our past projects have involved making improvements at existing facilities. Other projects required the complete development of raw land, including several mountain top sites with limited access during the winter/snow season and with challenging grounding conditions.

The NWTE staff is comprised of licensed engineers and engineers-in-training, all of whom possess strong civil and structural engineering backgrounds.

Click here to view a slideshow of three tower sites under development.